1941 Frozen Front For PC, Android, Samsung

Strategy games in which shifts are used most often, are for those really liked it & enjoy this kind of development. With them it represents a fairly reliable way to what is felt in the war games. This is actually a reference to them, like when you represent your country in battles in very realistic and also without the maximum accumulates. And this rule is always the more effective. Well, in 1941 Frozen Front one can enjoy this type of development.

In this game the targets are troops in which tanks are the most important value (but not lacking infantry units, well located, are helpful). The time represented in this game is the Second World War, where these military devices were completely protagonists on both sides, with as representative units as Panzer Germans (not forgetting the Tiger all – powerful) or the T-24 Soviets who were instrumental in their counteroffensive in The front. The case is that is intended to be experienced what was experienced in battles such as Kursk.

Thus, the player 1941 Frozen Front gets the front of tanks and infantry, of any of the two sides (German and Russian) and have to go both directing gradually moves to be made and also use for adequate supplies that need to repair the troops that have been hit by the enemy. And all this, by turns which also has to react to what the enemy. The missions, which is how existing game are varied, ranging from making a storage point to the need to eliminate all existing resistance in a portion of the map.

As regards graphics, existing are adequate but do not expect them to be advanced and in great detail in three dimensions. This is logical because the visual aspect is not critical in this kind of development, but I must say they are adequate. For older place, memory games like Panzer General with this 1941 Frozen Front is inevitable. The sound does no more.


You have to have a plan in 1941 Frozen Front

As in these games, and 1941 Frozen Front is no exception, you can not use the storage system to win on many occasions. What you have to do is combine both strategy and tactics (which are not the same) and thus take action so that good port is get out a plan which if it should change possible, so that flexibility is a key- element. Yes, the existence of fog of battle, which is nothing other than not being able to see beyond what allow your troops, is a determining factor to evaluate.


To learn how to play 1941 Frozen Front it includes an excellent tutorial, very long and profuse, but it is advisable to follow even know both the movement of units as the way they use the supply s -this last is Vital- . Then, simply to use the touch screen to move the troops around the screen and give all necessary orders. Therefore, we speak of a curve is not steep learning, but where the complex is to defeat the enemy, not the use of the interface.

One detail that is not very positive is that the ads are quite common and sometimes intrusive. This is avoided with the paid version, but we believe it is excessive . As for Artificial Intelligence (AI) of the game, this is competent, but there are certain protocols that always follow, so if you’re careful you can recognize them . A nice touch is the existence of multiplayer gaming using the Internet , which gives a good life to 1941 Frozen Front.

Get 1941 Frozen Front

Downloading 1941 Frozen Front is the easiest, because you can download it from Galaxy Apps or Play Store . It is not very demanding because, with having Android 4.0.3 or higher , you can play without problems terminals Dual – Core. Complex and quite possibly, this development worthwhile to get an idea of what really is the strategy that has to draw a complex plan. For PC install Android emulator called bluestacks.