AliveECG App Download For Android – Check Your ECG With Your Phone

ECG (Electrocardiography) is is the recording of the electrical activity of the heart. And in today app tutorial we will let you one similar application called AliveECG app which measure of heart rate. It can save the results for future reference, and can be used to track more than one user profile.

Do your ECG using a camera function or special sensors to calculate your heart rate within your device. The same method used by medical equipment and professional.


AliveECG app Measure Your Heart Rate

Knowing your heart rate has never been easier. Without any external hardware, just use your smartphone or tablet built / sensor camera, you can get an accurate reading almost immediately.
* Knowing your heart rate
if you are under pressure, a condition related to heart or just curious, can provide great help during the campaign.
* Keep track of your results
will be saved every measure to his personal history, so that you can track over time.
* Multiple copies of individual files
Support ECG several users using the application on a shared device. You can create a personal profile for each member of your family or friends, each of them has its own history measurement.
* Simple and intuitive design
Simple design and aerodynamic makes it easy to use, so you can focus on the use of the application, without having to navigate among the many screens.
* Support Android Wear
ECG has been specifically designed to support the Android wear. You can use your heart rate sensors measure clever clock pulse.
Note: If the device has no flash, needs a bright environment (under sunlight or near sources) in the measurements.

Download AliveECG app