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Ever wondered if there is a way to know who is calling whilst you are driving and the Telephone is in your pocket? Or who send you SMS even though you are in yet another area and acquired an SMS?

Caller Name Talker speaks out the Incoming caller identify and SMS sender title so that you can determine who is calling with no looking into your phone.It can even read through the SMS content for you.And the greatest issue is, it is absolutely Cost-free.

Caller Name Talker utilizes the developed-in Android text-to-speech engine to voice the caller or SMS Sender ID.This plan will not operate if your mobile phone doesn’t have text-to-speech information put in in your phone.No want to be concerned about that! Caller Name Talker will redirect you to Google play to install text-to-speech information into your mobile phone if your mobile phone doesn’t have it pre-installed.

There are a broad range of choices to customize this application in the way you like.

Some of them are:-
•    Temporarily disable this attribute with out uninstalling application.
•    Options to perform caller name only if the caller name is in contacts list.
•    Adjust Volume – Use ringer volume or use customized set volume.
•    Turn off caller title alert attribute if Phone is in silent mode.
•    Configure time interval to repeat taking part in caller title.
•    Flip cellphone to stop caller name alert even though mobile phone is ringing.
•    Customize enjoying message by incorporating message before and after caller title.Eg:- John Doe Calling.
•    Alert SMS Sender name whilst obtaining an SMS.
•    Customize playing message when acquiring SMS by incorporating message just before and after SMS sender title.Eg:- SMS From John Doe.
•    Change voice speed and pitch settings.
•    Option to check present voice velocity and pitch by making use of custom message.
•    Read SMS content material.
•    Option to switch between languages supported by Text-to-Speech Engine in your mobile phone.

Thanks to Jiri Egermaier from the Czech Republic for assist with the translation into Czech language.
Thank you Mayada Hassan for assisting with Arabic translation.
Thank you Adriana Falotico for the Spanish translation.

Consideration DUAL SIM customers:

– This application operate only for the default SIM of your cellphone.It may not perform properly when you get phone or SMS in 2nd SIM.Please excuse me for the inconvenience.I will update the application as quickly as I uncover out a answer for this.

NOTE: – I am programmer who is passionate about android and interested in delivering android users Free of charge accessibility to premium features.You can also use the email id to send extra functions you would like to have in this application.Thank you.

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