Download DubMash For iPhone, iPad

The application Dubsmash became viral rapidly since its launch getting million downloads of iPhone users. The download and installation of Dubsmash iPhone is the same as for the thousands of applications available on the App Store so it is a procedure known to all users of this platform.

The usability of the application, which can record funny videos in minutes, and the contagion effect to watch the videos and parodies that send us our contacts has made the download and installation of this application has increased among users.

The operation of the program reflects what is and what has been thought, simply select the audio you want long list built, recording our best parody and once satisfied we will send it to our contacts in instant messaging (currently it is only WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger available). And now we can use it from the PC, if we want to use from the comfort of your Windows or Mac PC.


How To Download DubMash For iPhone, iPad?

Although the installation procedure is as usual and known to all, but do a little review here:

Open the App Store.
Search for the DubsMash application
Then download the search results or the link.
Accept installation.
Open the application and start recording!

When using the App Store will be sure always unburden the latest version of the application and keep it updated as new versions with more audios, new categories and different languages ​​appear. Dubsmash is a free application for iPhone users, so do not look strange tricks downloading forms or unofficially. Remember that is also available for iPad.

The app will use the front camera of the iPhone to record video on the selected audio. The choice of the front camera to record allows users to see a visual representation of the selected song phrase or facilitating the coordination and synchronization between audio and parody who want to record.