Download Fingerprint/Keypad Lock Screen APK

Wouldn’t you love to be capable to scan your finger to unlock your mobile phone? Identical function as in iPhone 5S? The Fingerprint Keypad Lock Display apk can support you with that…

*******Important PLEASE Go through********
There is a trick to unlock your mobile phone making use of the fingerprint scanner. You either have to tap on the lock icon or press the volume important ahead of scanning your finger. The default is touching the lock icon but if you would rather use the volume keys you can select this choice in the settings display. Right after touching the lock icon or pressing the volume crucial, scan your finger and the application will grant entry to the cellphone.
Very best attribute and what makes this app different than others is the keypad choice. You can use a passcode as a backup (or use it by default) to the fingerprint scanner. Just set up a passcode at 1st launch and you are all set, the app will grant access if the appropriate passcode is entered.

Fingerprint/Keypad Lock apkFingerprint


– Uses phone’s wallpaper and not a random one
– Realistic fingerprint scanner with keypad option
– Can be set as a display lock
– Sounds alarm if denied accessibility several occasions (can be set in settings screen)
– Two unlock modes: tap icon or press volume keys
– Excellent graphics and animation
– Displays analog and digital clock, date and time
– A number of settings like vibrate, sound, default display lock, alarm, and so on.

Disclaimer: The Fingerprint/Keypad Lock Screen is intended to mimic a fingerprint scanner and it is not a actual. Your telephone requirements to have the technological innovation to scan your finger and Android phones don’t have this feature but. This application was designed for entertainment purposes only. Prank your close friends and have exciting with the very best Fingerprint Lock Display app!
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Fingerprint/Keypad Lock Screen apk

Download Fingerprint/Keypad Lock Screen APK