Download Picmonkey

PicMonkey is an online photo editor, successor to the popular Picnik (which now no longer exists). Just through your browser, with no facilities or tools, you can edit your photos quickly and easily . Just let yourself be guided by its attractive interface and you will achieve great results in a few steps.

Once you choose the image you want to tweak you will see that you have a variety of options on the left bar:

The basic options let you crop, rotate, change the lighting and size, adjust colors, sharpen and soften.
PicMonkey has a variety of artistic effects amazing beyond sepia and black and white: posterize, draw up, daguerreotype, movement, liquefy …


You can also choose between different frames, shapes and textures, and add text.
Plus you will not miss the Photoshop thanks to their simple tools facial correction for red eyes, wrinkles, thinning, smooth skin …

All processes are very simple and are done in a few steps, and the environment is very friendly and funny, which makes it ideal for children to be attracted. Although the application is also available from Facebook, although you can not directly upload images to the network. But as for now all “Premium” features are available , it is best to take the opportunity and try PicMonkey.

Download Picmonkey