Lumosity For PC And And Android Download To Train Your Brain

Do you want an application to train your brain? Here is one we are writing about today.

Lumosity is the greatest known cognitive-training application – it presents a number of games and exercises made to help to improve one’s mental capabilities. The application, produced by Lumos Labs, Inc., are challenging and-typically-fun. Lumosity provides a personalized training course that concentrates on customer-defined areas that require improvement. The games work very easily the worst problem one can experienced was periodic loading delays. The application is smartly designed, having a pleasing color plan and graphics. It offers references to a large number of research that conclude that cognitive learning general-and Lumosity’s particularly-are advantageous, although the effectiveness of cognitive training isn’t globally recognized.


It’s possible to train its your memory and a focus. Utilized by over 60 million people worldwide, Lumosity produces an exercise Program that challenges your mind.


Lumosity was created by neuroscientists to coach memory, attention, and much more. With fundamentals in study regarding neuroplasticity, Lumosity games are utilized in research, and also have been integrated into studies made by top researchers worldwide.

In all Lumosity could be stated the best application to coach your brains. For installing inside your PC, guides follows.

Procedure To Download Lumosity For PC And Android

To Download Lumosity for Android one can download it directly from Google Play with this link.

To play it on Pc you need Android Emulator called Andy, in which search for this app and start using it.