Password Protect WhatsApp With Secure Chat – Lock messenger

Chat apps warn you of new messages in multiple ways such as with the notification area, or perhaps a push message. For the way you’ve guaranteed your lock screen or perhaps your device, these message alerts might easily be accessible. Secure Chat is definitely an application that obtains these message alerts having a password. The application may prevent accessibility Facebook application, the Facebook Messenger application, and WhatsApp. If you tap on the new message alert, you need to go into the password before you access your messages no matter which kind of alert you’ve drawn on.

To obtain the application running, you need to let it monitor Facebook chat heads in addition to generate a password. The Self Protection choice is not compulsory to operate the application but it’s an additional layer of security which we’ll discuss just a little later. You are able to choose between two kinds of passwords  an easy PIN or perhaps a pattern attracted on the 3×3 us dot power grid. Additionally, you will have to setup a burglar question to recuperate passwords in the event you no way.


How Secure Chat – Lock messenger Works?

After that you can choose which applications you need to lock. Facebook and Facebook Messenger applications are locked together and also you can’t unlock one but keep your other locked. You can handle how quickly the application is locked again, as well as enable an incorrect cover that methods anybody intruding in your device into thinking there is a completely different type of lock to obtain past.

Secure Chat’s configurations allow you to improve your password and totally reset your security question. You may also enable Un-install protection (Self Protection pointed out earlier) which prevents the application from being uninstalled when the correct password isn’t joined. Lastly, like a further way of hiding the application itself, the icon could be transformed to appear as an off traffic calculator.

The application effectively bars accessibility locked application in the notification area, the chat mind, or even the application icon itself but what it really doesn’t do, which is its greatest flaw for me, is it doesn’t hide messages within the notification center. Which means if a person were a single article the notification focus on your house screen, they  could easily browse the first 5-6 lines of the Facebook message. In case your lock screen isn’t paid by a PIN or any other password type, it is definitely the same risk. Secure Chat isn’t an entire security solution and you’ll have to safeguard your notification center and lock screen individually.

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