Watchdog Task Manager Lite Download For Android To Monitor The CPU Usage Of Your Mobile

How many time you think your Mobile battery is draining because of unwanted apps running behind the scene? Here is Watchdog Task Manager Lite, which is usually a totally free app for Android that warns you if an app’s CPU use exceeds a particular threshold. Applications that eat as well many CPU methods result in two difficulties: they drain your battery plus they can slow down your cell phone.

How Watchdog Task Manager Lite Works:

It is possible to effortlessly establish applications that pressure your battery over lengthier periods by the battery app while in the Android configurations (Basic tab on Android 4.4). The challenge with this technique is usually that it only is effective less than standard circumstances when apps work effectively. Even so, when an app that usually only necessitates a few assets crashes, it might all of a sudden take in significant quantities of sources and deplete your battery speedily.


Sometimes you detect that an application has long gone wild once your cell phone warms up as part of your pants pocket. Applying your thigh’s temperature sensors is a technique to monitor your Android apps; Watchdog Job Supervisor is an additional. And never worry, Watchdog won’t bite your leg; it only barks.

You already know people puppies that bark all night time because they noticed a suspicious cat sneak into your garden? Watchdog also has this kind of persistent mode. In distinction in your neighbor’s canine, you may switch this element off having a one faucet. The app also can vibrate and blink, and also you can configure your favorite bark tone-all capabilities that your neighbor’s dog lacks.

The app also permits you to established a suspicion level-that is, a CPU threshold in addition to a polling interval. Do not established the polling interval far too shorter; in case you do, Watchdog will slurp up all the juice from the battery. This is certainly significantly legitimate for real-time polling.

Real-time polling is often handy if you want to obtain an outline in the now managing applications on the job manager tab. You see the app’s CPU use and its memory consumption. In case you tap an application, it is possible to kill, launch, or whitelist it.

Watchdog considers whitelisted apps as close friends and will not bark at them. (I have not viewed Watchdog wagging its tail, while.) The paid version ($3.49) also supports blacklists. Blacklists are useful for continually misbehaving apps. If these types of an application reaches the configured CPU threshold, Watchdog will eliminate it. (Yeah, Watchdoggy can be a true beast.) The paid out version also frees the app from adverts.

When you change Watchdog to silent manner (mode), you are able to even now critique applications that have been misbehaving these days on the Alerts tab. Watchdog can also insert alerts to the Android notification panel. The Stats tab offers you an overview of one’s phone’s all round CPU utilization considering that the final assortment.

Recent Updates: There is an Android issue wherever Watchdog may possibly crash on launching right after an improve. It seems to generally be similar into the enhance of your application while the old variation comes about to be executing from the qualifications. It won’t have an impact on your phone’s operation at all. If this transpires, re-launch and goto the menu and hit restart for proper monitoring.

Download WatchDog Task Manager Lite APK